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The prestige experience was created for those who believe in uncompromising excellence. You are unique and so are your needs. That is why we focus on building solutions to suit your needs as an exceptional individual.
Enjoy a wide range of exclusive products and services that get better as you deepen your relationship with us and we get to know you better.

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Wealth Management:
We provide a dedicated team, investment insights and invitations to tailored events for your private wealth management needs.

24/7 Dedicated Relationship Management:
A dedicated Relationship Manager for 24/7 financial and banking advice.

Offshore Banking:
Our offshore arm gives clients the opportunity to be exposed globally and enjoy the ultimate banking experience, banking without borders. The opportunities are aplenty and we ensure clients have the opportunity to both preserve and grow their wealth through our tailor-made products which include Fixed Income, Exchange Traded Funds, Trusts, Company Structures and Equities.

Global Investment Products:
Our trading platform offers clients access to the global markets and the power to diversify their wealth with real-time market news and over 30,000 global investment opportunities across different asset classes with a click of a button. Prestige Banking Lounges: Access to Prestige Banking Lounges in Accra and Kumasi. Our lounges provide an exclusive environment to conduct your banking transactions. They offer fully equipped business areas, including meeting rooms. Outside our Prestige Lounges, our Branch Managers provide exclusive discrete service across our 75 branches.

Prestige Lounge Locations: 
Ridge and airport branches.

Extended Banking Hours:
Our Prestige lounge now has extended operating hours, is open from 8 am until 7 pm, five days a week.

Safe Deposit Boxes:
Our Safe Deposit boxes provide you a highly secure environment for the safe keeping of items and other valuable documents.

USD FLIP Savings account:
The USD FLIP is a capital accumulation plan designed to assist customers to accumulate funds through consistent monthly contributions. It is targeted at individuals who desire a high yielding USD denominated investment account. 

Electronic Cards:
Our multi-currency Platinum Visa debit card gives you 24/7 access to your funds locally and internationally.

Invitation to lifestyle events:
Invitation to attend events spanning business, culture, social, entertainment and sports, where you’ll be able to network, learn or simply enjoy our hospitality.

Lifestyle Partnerships:
With over 10 premium brand partnerships, our Lifestyle partners provide Fidelity Prestige clients with well-deserved discounts on a range of premium products and services.

24/7 self-service banking through Internet banking, SMS alerts and ATMs


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