Fidelity Agency Banking was introduced in 2013 as an Alternative Distribution Channel (ADC) for Fidelity Bank (Gh) Limited. It started with 24 Agents and upon a successful pilot from July 2013, Fidelity bank received approval from the Bank of Ghana to fully operate in early 2014.

Agency Banking as an ADC was set up to bring banking closer to the doorsteps of customers. This is done by engaging 3rd Parties and equipping them with Point of Sale Devices and training them to perform basic banking services such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers, bill payments, mobile top-up, etc for all customers of the Bank. The need for this innovative banking solution stems from the fact that in our bid to digitize banking, most Ghanaians still require third party assistance to perform banking transactions and Banks cannot set up Brick-and-Mortar structures everywhere.

Today Fidelity Bank has about five thousand (5000) agents across all the regions of Ghana.

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