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We are a world class organization – and we take pride in the talent who contribute to our network. 



Fidelity Bank Graduate Trainee Program

Our Graduate Trainee program will give you a clearer understanding of what makes Fidelity a unique place to work and allows us as an organization to build an important, entry-level talent for our future.


Our program is open to you after you have completed your degree. The structured, largely rotational program, lasts for about 24 months. The work you do, the people you meet and the networks you build will have a diverse dimension, and that is true; regardless of your location within the bank.


Fidelity Bank Summer Internship program

This is the ideal first step in exploring a career in banking. As an intern in Fidelity Bank, you will work alongside experienced, smart and well-motivated staff within our industry. Our unique internships will give you exposure to our Bank and we encourage you to be proactive as you build your skills and experience; by working with specialists in the business area within which you find yourself.


This program is for undergraduates and postgraduates from various tertiary institutions from within and outside Ghana and lasts for a maximum of 3months.

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