Agents are independently registered companies/organizations that come into partnership with Fidelity Bank to provide Agency banking services to patrons within their catchment. A prospective Agent will need to meet and provide the following requirements;

  1. Must be a registered company/organization
  2. Must operate from a permanent structure
  3. Must have been operating from said premises for a minimum of one year
  4. Must operate at least within normal working hours of 8 am -5 pm, Monday to Friday
  5. Must provide copies of registration documents of company/organization
  6. Must provide KYC documents for director(s), partners, and shareholders (i.e. valid national ID, visitation report to the residence)
  7. Must complete Agent Transaction account opening form
  8. Must provide minimum transaction amount (float) of GHS 1000
  9. Must provide android phone per stated specifications
  10. Must show commitment and dedication to providing the best customer care to customers
  11. Must have an insurance policy for the Business or sign on to one provided by the bank.

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