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Smart goal is an investment account that offers existing and New-to-Bank customers the flexibility to save on daily, weekly and monthly basis whilst enjoying attractive interest as well as free insurance benefits.

  • Must have an existing smart account/ open a smart account
  • Minimum account opening/initial balance of GHS 10

GHS 30 (GHS 1 per day in savings)

A flat interest rate of 7% (subject to annual review) but you should meet the minimum operating balance of GHS 30 to earn interest.

  • Standing instruction from smart account
  • Direct Deposit at the Fidelity agent points or Fidelity Bank branches
  • Self- initiated fund transfer from smart account to smart  goal account using USSD or Fidelity mobile app

Kindly visit the nearest branch.

NO, there are no charges. It is absolutely free

You can open a Smart Goal account at any Fidelity branch or Agent point

No please, is for individuals 18 above

The Smart Goal account is solely an investment account, whereas the Smart Account is a transactional account.

You are allowed to make a partial withdrawal once throughout the investment period

An embedded insurance of 3,000ghc for permanent disability, 3,000ghc for deaths and a daily hospital cover of 30ghc for 30 days within the policy year.

The FLIP account is a flexible investment plan which assist customers to accumulate funds over a minimum of 36 months, through consistent monthly /Quarterly deposits. It pays high interest rate indexed to the prevailing 91- day Treasury bill rate.

The FLIP offering in GHS and USD variants is being revamped to ensure that they continue to meet your evolving investment goals/need

All investments in your existing FLIP account will continue to run in line with the existing Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs) until the investment reaches maturity.

  • You will be notified through any of the Bank’s approved channels about your matured investment. Provided that you are not indebted to Fidelity (i.e., funds used as cash collateral), the full value of your investment will be accessible in your FLIP Account upon maturity to enable you to transfer the matured funds into your Current or Savings Account (CASA) or other alternative investment products available in the Bank.
  • Interest payment on your FLIP account will cease upon maturity of your investment, except in instances where your FLIP investment is used as cash collateral for a loan facility.

For further enquiries, kindly contact us on Toll free: 0800 00 3355 or Email: o Fidelity Bank Branch or Fidelity Relationship Managers/Officers

The information on this website related to returns on FLIP are being provided for educational purposes only. The results on returns are estimates and may not reflect actual results. The results of calculations you may do in relation to FLIP returns is not a promise or guarantee of a customer’s eligibility or terms for a specific product or service. Any calculations on returns are hypothetical examples designed to illustrate the impact compounding can have.

This is a medium term facility available to salaried employees of organizations under Fidelity bank’s Employer Managed Relationship. Simply apply for a Personal Auto loan and enjoy flexible repayment plan at competitive rate.

Individuals with minimum net salary of GHS 4,000(including fixed monthly/vehicle allowance)

GHS 4,000 (including fixed monthly/vehicle allowance)

Yes, Customer can request for a top up after 3 months

100% comprehensive insurance cover ( FBL determined insurer)

Customer has up to 48 months.
*60 months for selected vehicles and professionals

  • It is a Tier 3 mobile Pension and saving product designed for people in the informal sector or otherwise who want to make personal pension contributions towards their retirement .
  • It is brought to you by United Pension Trustees Limited (Trustee), in partnership with MTN Ghana, Fidelity Bank (Custodian) and Bora Capital Advisors (Fund Manager).
  • Generally, Clients contributions are split into two accounts. (50% pension and 50% savings).
  • Withdrawals can be made from the Savings/ Investment Account at any time, however, withdrawal before one (1) year of contribution accrues no interest .
  • Withdrawals can ONLY be made from the Pensions Account after 5 years.
  • Eligibility is open for people aged 15 and above.
  • You will need to first register for MTN Mobile money.
  • Simply dial the Mobile Money short code *170#, select Pension and Insurance, select MY OWN PENSION, and continue to follow the prompt .
  • Create a four-digit MOP pin. This pin will be used to access features on the MOP menu such as updating of records, changing contribution frequency and amount and checking balance.
  • Your UPT Pension Policy number will be generated automatically and sent to you as part of the welcome message upon successful registration.
  • Alternatively, clients who call the call centre can be provided with this detail.

You can contribute a minimum of

  • GHS 1 DAILY,

Additionally, you can make voluntary payments by selecting Voluntary Payment on the M.O.P menu.

  • After a successful enrolment /registration, your chosen contribution is automatically deducted at the end of the selected frequency through your MTN Mobile Money account . Therefore, please ensure you have enough e-cash on your mobile money wallet for a successful deduction when your payment is due.
  • New enrolments can expect the first payment to be deducted within 20 minutes of successful registration.
  • The Pensions component cannot be withdrawn until after 5 years.
  • Savings component can be accessed at any time but withdrawal before 12 months (1year) of contributing accrues no interest .
  • In the event that you forget your MOP pin, kindly call any of our customer service numbers on 0242436880, 0540105181 or 0540108961 to request a pin reset . Pin reset will be approved upon successful verification.
  • Alternatively, you can visit any MTN service centre to request an MOP pin reset . The customer service rep will ask a few security questions and upon successful verification send an email to authorizing a pin reset . This will take at most 24 hours.
  • An SMS with a four-digit pin will be automatically sent to your phone.

Depending on the situation, it may have to be reported to the NPRA or relevant authority for a decision to be taken.

*Penalties may apply.

  • You would need to initiate the withdrawal on your phone, and the request would be validated and payment made within 48 hours (maximum)
  • Select Withdrawal on the M.O.P menu and follow the prompt . Wait for a customer service officer to call you. You can also dial our customer support line on 0242436880, 0540105181 or 0540108961 to initiate the process during working hours on Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm (excluding holidays)
  • Simply Select Check Balance on your My Own Pension page when you dial *170#. Note that this option does not display any withdrawals made, only contributions made so far.
  • Alternatively, you will receive an automatic SMS at the end of every month to update you on your Policy Account Fund Value.
  • You may also request your Mobile Money statement from any MTN Office to verify.
  • Or call our customer service number on 0242436880, 0540105181 or 0540108961 to arrange for your statement via email or any other convenient mode.

Yes, any Ghanaian 15 years and above regardless of the location within Ghana can register. A Ghanaian not resident in Ghana can register provided mobile money is available to the person.

  • Yes, fast, easy and affordable personal/Group loans can be facilitated for our Clients in good standing when the need arises.
  • Other optional products such as life, health, motor insurance etc. can be arranged for interested clients.

In the event that you pass on, your appointed beneficiaries or Next of Kin will be eligible to make a claim.

WhatsApp Banking is a service that allows Fidelity Bank customers complete Banking services and transactions using the WhatsApp platforms.

Kukua is your personal, friendly and cheerful assistant from Fidelity Bank who has the mandate to ensure that your basic financial and banking needs are met on demand leveraging the all-popular WhatsApp platforms.

Kindly add 054 431 5500 (Kukua) and save to your contacts, initiate a chat by sending ‘hi’ message and follow the prompts.

You will need to have these details to register as a Fidelity Bank customer:

  • Mobile Number (must be same as on your banking records): This number must also be registered on the normal WhatsApp
  • Account Number
  • Date of Birth
  • You will need to create a 4-digit PIN in the You will always log into the service with this PIN.




Airtime Top-Up


Internal Transfer---Fidelity to Fidelity


Bill Payment: DStv, GOtv


Check Balance


View Mini-Statement


Find Nearby ATMs


Find Nearby Branches


Submit A Complaint


Exchange Rates


Open Instant Account with Fidelity

-this will leverage on the Web Account Opening url

  • Mobile Money Transfers (A2W, W2A and W2W),
  • Data Bundle
  • Other Bank Transfers (GIP),
  • Dormancy Account Re-activation,
  • SmartLite Account Opening,
  • Card Services: New card requests, Block and Unblock card; Prepaid Card Top-Up,
  • Cheque Services: New Cheque Book request, stop cheque, confirm cheque ,Treasury Bill Services, Investments: Fidelity Securities, BancAssurance (Prudential Life),
  • Additional Payment Billers: schools, churches, hospital, etc,
  • ATM Token Service,
  • Pay QR Merchants: GhQR, mVisa, etc,
  • Cardless Token Services,
  • Find Nearby Fidelity Agents,
  • Official Bank Statement Requests,
  • E-Statement Requests,
  • FX Sales

Simply reset PIN by selecting ‘Forgot option/click on Forgot button’
on the page where you input PIN and follow prompts.

Simple. You can download ‘WhatsApp Business’ from playstore or Appstore and then register for WhatsApp with your mobile number which is in Core Banking. After that, go ahead and use the WhatsApp Business to register for ‘Kukua’ and enjoy all of the seamless services she offers.


These are the security measures in place:

  • All financial messages are secured with an end to end encryption
  • Customer always access the menu with a four (4) digit unique secret PIN known only to them
  • A stipulated Session Expiry Window: Whiles you are logged into the menu, the login expires after an ideal time. Thus you will need to Login with your PIN.

Yes, you can open an instant Bank account at the initial stage and proceed to sign up on WhatsApp Banking.

No. You can only operate WhatsApp Banking on single phone at a time.

Currently the limit on Transfers between Fidelity Own Accounts & Other Fidelity accounts is capped at Ghc 2,000.00

One can top up airtime for any Telco network to a total amount of Ghc 500.00 daily.

With the current financial transactions on WhatsApp Banking (Transfers between Fidelity Own Accounts & Other Fidelity accounts, Airtime Top Up & Bill Payments – DStv/GOtv) , the only transaction charge which is 1% flat fee is applicable on Bill Payments – DStv/GOtv.

Never fear. Your WhatsApp Banking can only be accessed with the secret PIN you created. So your Kukua is as safe as your PIN is.

Furthermore, you can immediately deactivate your WhatsApp account first by emailing using lost/stolen as the subject line to You will needs to include your phone number along with the country code.

For any other method the procedure is lengthy, and the user may have to purchase another sim, reactivate his WhatsApp so that the old one gets deactivated.

She will call you by just the same name you used to register the service. You can use your nickname, etc

Smart Lite is an account opened via Fidelity USSD short code; *776#.

The account opening is fast, easy, paperless & requires just a valid ID to open

  • Instant account opening via the USSD shortcode; *776#
  • Minimum KYC
  • Instant USSD set Up
  • Tiered interest rate of up to 4%
  • Minimum opening and operation balance of GHS 5
  • Daily deposit & withdrawal limit of GHS 5,000 and GHS 2,000 respectively
  • No Monthly maintenance fee
  • Option to link wallet to account
  • Valid National ID: Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, Passport
  • MoMo Wallet:  MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo
  • No need for manual verification. There is an automated GVIVE verification embedded in the process
  • Potential customers will not be able to proceed once their ID fails verification

Existing customers cannot open a smart lite account.

No, potential customers will need a MoMo wallet to proceed with account opening. This is needed for initial funding of the account.

No, you cannot fund the account later. You should be able to fund your new account with a minimum of GHS 5

Charge for MoMo wallet to Account charges still applies.

You will receive a default PIN and you are required to change your PIN to your preferred.

You can proceed with your transaction on our Fidelity USSD channel.

You can transact at any of our agent points or via the USSD channel

Visit the branch for an upgrade of account.

  • Dial *776#
  • Select Option 2- Open smart lite account
  • Select ID type
  • Enter ID number
  • Enter DOB
  • Enter amount to be debited from your MoMo wallet
  • Approve transaction- MoMo specific
  • Customer receives SMS with account number and USSD default PIN. Account is funded with the full amount debited from the wallet
  • Agent/Smart friend dials *776*009#
  • Agents/Smart friend inputs the customer’s phone number
  • Agents/Smart friend selects the Telco network (customer)
  • Select ID type
  • Enter ID number
  • Enter DOB
  • Enter amount to be debited from MoMo wallet
  • Customer approve transaction- MoMo specific
  • Customer receives SMS with account number and USSD default PIN. Account is funded with the full amount debited from the wallet

The Fidelity Unit Trusts are products of Fidelity Securities Limited designed to preserve and enhance the wealth of unitholders. Through this arrangement, investors’ funds are pooled together and invested into various safe and appreciating assets. The Trust is open-ended and allows you to deposit regularly to increase your investment stake and as a result grow your wealth faster.

  • Access to a wide variety of asset
  • Low minimum contribution of GH¢10.00.
  • Access to the expertise of experienced professional investment
  • Investors are saved from the time, risk and cost of “shopping” for investment
  • Convenient channels to top up your investment through Mobile money, mobile banking app, over a 1,000 Fidelity agent points, and all Fidelity and GT Banks branches nationwide.
  • Quick and hassle-free access to your money when

The Unit Trust is suitable for all investors, large and small, and is the ideal investment vehicle for investors seeking exposure to the financial markets across the spectrum, from the individual to pension funds, companies and government

NOW is the best time to start.

Visit any of Fidelity Bank’s branches across the nation to fill an account opening form and receive an Investment Account number. Pay funds into the Collections account, making reference to your Investment Account number.

The minimum account opening balance is GH¢100.00. You can top-up your initial investment with as little as

GH¢10.00 at your own convenience.

The base currency is the Ghana Cedi. However, applicants making purchases with other currencies should allow for currency conversion which may result in a delay. Foreign currencies shall be converted using the prevailing Board exchange rate. Requests for redemption of units shall be honoured in Ghana Cedi at the current Board Rate.

  • Mobile Money: Visit *776*100# using any mobile wallet and enter the appropriate merchant code
    216 - Fidelity Fixed Income Trust
    217 - Fidelity Balanced Trust
  • Fidelity Bank Agent points
  • GT Bank branches
  • Fidelity Bank Mobile Application

Investors may set up a Standing Instruction with their Bankers to automatically debit their bank account on a periodic basis and credit their investment account. The minimum value of subscription to the Regular Purchase Plan should be GH¢10. The Regular Purchase Plan may also be done by cash payment to the Manager or the designated Agents.

There will be no charge on your top-ups.

The Fixed Income Trust’s performance is benchmarked against the 364 day Treasury bill. We seek to outperform the set benchmark.

The set benchmark returns on the Balanced Trust is 50% weighted average of the 1-year GOG note plus 50% return on GSE Composite Index.

We seek to outperform the above set benchmarks.

Unit holders will receive a statement on their account at least half-yearly. The statement will show activities in the account since the preceding statement, if any. Unit holders will receive separate confirmations for each purchase or sale transactions other than automatic investment purchases and the reinvestment of income dividends. Investors can judge our performance against our set benchmark described above.

The risk of an issuer failing to honour maturities and fluctuations in interest rates are inherent risks of investing in the fixed income unit trust.

Download a form from our website or visit any Fidelity Bank branch and complete a withdrawal form for a portion or your entire investment.

There is no minimum or maximum on amounts that can be withdrawn. However, a minimum balance of GH¢20 must be maintained to keep the account running.

There will be no charge on withdrawals.

For investors in the Fixed Income Trust, funds will be made available in 3 days from the date of receipt of your request.

For investors in the Balanced Trust, funds will be made available in 5 days from the date of receipt of your request.

Funds managed by FSL are not placed with any single institution. Rather, we create a portfolio that includes multiple investments in order to minimize risk and maximize return.

The following are the permissible investments and target allocation for the Unit Trust:

Fixed Income Trust

Investment Class

Allocation range

Target Allocation

Government Securities

20% - 50%


Corporate Bond



Commercial Papers

5% - 25%


Bank & Non-Bank Fixed Deposits



Investment Schemes

0% - 10%


Cash Equivalents

5% - 10%



Balanced Trust

Investment Class

Allocation range

Target Allocation

Domestic Equity Securities (Common and

Preferred stock, listed and unlisted)

30% - 50%


Domestic Debt Securities (Corporate Bonds, Government Notes and Bonds,

Commercial Papers, Fixed Deposits)

30% - 70%


Global Securities ( Equity and Bonds)

0% - 25%


Investment Schemes

0% - 10%


Cash Equivalents

5% - 10%



FSL charges investors 2.00% of the total Asset Under Management per year. This fee is charged on the fund on a quarterly basis (i.e. 0.50% of AUM per quarter).

The Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs’ Initiative (FYEI) is a dedicated program that provides funding in combination with technical assistance to young entrepreneurs and youth- run enterprises. The initiative underscores Fidelity’s commitment to empowering young entrepreneurs and businesses as the catalysts for social and economic development in Ghana.

The objective of the initiative is to provide both financial and non-financial resources to enable youth-related businesses survive and thrive. Together with Fidelity’s strategic partners, the initiative will provide programmes and opportunities that will spur Ghana’s next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders

This product will serve three categories of customer segments, namely:

  • Post Revenue Businesses - Companies that have been in operation for at least two (2) years and have demonstrated a steady flow of revenue/sales and profit. Businesses in this segment may access the credit facility to scale-up operations or invest in its operations.
  • Start-ups - Businesses that are in their first stage of operations (i.e. emerging, early, or rapid growth) and primarily funded or equipped with personal investments or assets of the founders/promoters. Businesses in this segment must have been in operation for at least six (6) months.
  • Female Entrepreneurs - Businesses in the aforementioned segments operated solely by women or that have at least 60% female ownership

Targeted sectors considered include, but are not limited to value chain activities in the following industries:

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Food Services
  • Agriculture and Agro-processing
  • Health Services
  • Transportation
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)

Applicants can apply for loans and overdrafts

The maximum facility for a qualifying applicant is up to GHS200K. This is however subject to viability of intended purpose, ability to pay back and single obligor limit of Fidelity Bank.

i. Working capital injection
ii. Purchase of new equipment
iii. Facility upgrades
iv. Transportation investments
v. Any other acceptable to the Bank

The interest rate applicable on facilities will be 10% per annum.

i. Processing fee: 0.5%

ii. Statutory and Legal fees as advised by Legal Department

Between seven (7) to twenty-one (21) working days subject to the receipt of all requested documentation from the applicant.

The Bank shall require appropriate collateral or security irrespective of the loan amount requested. A guide on the acceptable types of security can be found in the Appendix.

Monthly or quarterly, in line with anticipated frequency of cash inflows

Qualifying borrowers should have a minimum relationship of one (1) year with any other Financial Institution if New-to-Bank, while existing Fidelity bank customers must have had a minimum relationship of six (6) months.

Yes. On the merit of creditable performance on the existing facility and capacity to take on additional loan.

No. All loans will be disbursed in Ghana Cedi currency. Foreign denominated requests will be disbursed in their Ghana cedi equivalent.

Qualifying prospects will benefit from technical assistance for business and management training at no cost by FYEI to borrowers

Yes. All businesses supported by the FYEI will be required to maintain their operating accounts with Fidelity Bank and channel receivables with the bank

Bronze (GHS)

Silver (GHS)

Gold (GHS)

4,000 - 60,000

60,001 -200,000

200,001 - 1,000,000

Personal Guarantees

Personal Guarantees

Personal Guarantee with certified net worth statements

Joint & Several Guarantees

Joint & Several Guarantees

Joint & Several Guarantees with certified net worth statements

Third Party Guarantees supported by their bank statements. These parties must be in good standing with their current bank.

Third Party Guarantees supported by their bank statements. These parties must be in good standing with their current bank.

Third Party Guarantees supported by their bank statements. These parties must be in good standing with their current bank.

Assignment over quantifiable business operating assets

Assignment over quantifiable business operating assets

Assignment over quantifiable business operating assets



Tangible collateral (i.e. equipment, vehicles, etc.)

Tangible collateral (i.e. equipment, vehicles, landed property (residential or

commercial landed properties)

WASH means Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Promoting WASH from Possible to Profitable (P2P) is a WASH financing loan product targeting specifically MSMEs and households

The project is intended to scale-up access to finance and technical assistance for selected Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Micro businesses and Households in Ghana.

Only enterprises legally registered to operate within the WASH sector can access the loan facility. The following category of enterprise can access: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

(i) Businesses already exposed to WASH;

(ii) Businesses New-to-WASH;

(iii) Fledgling/Start-up WASH businesses with entrepreneurial awareness (between 6 months to 2 years in operations)

Savings and Loans Companies Microfinance Companies Rural and Community Banks SMEs in the WASH sector

Water Provision SMEs

-Borehole drilling enterprises
-Borehole mechanisation enterprises -Enterprises into pipeline connections -Enterprises that deals in plumbing materials

Sanitation Provider SMEs

-Enterprise into provision of waste bins -Operator of a public latrine (toilet) -Desludging service enterprise
-Solid waste collection enterprise -Provider of mobile toilets

Hygiene Enterprises

-Cleaning services
-Pest control and fumigation -Operator of a public bath -Laundry service

Microfinance Institutions

The maximum facility for microfinance institution is maximum 10% of the total asset but not more than 20% of total loan portfolio.


The maximum facility amount for SMEs is subject to capacity of the enterprise limited to an amount of GHS500,000 but may be increased subject to need.

Interested applicants should pick an application forms at any Fidelity Bank branch across the country.

Applicant as part of the application processes will be required to open bank accounts with Fidelity Bank.

Further application requirements can be found on the application form issued by the Bank to prospective applicants.

Prospective SMEs could benefit from technical assistance as well as capacity building programmes through the Bank’s SME capacity building.

A Qualifying Borrower should have a minimum relationship of six (6) months with any other financial institution, New-to-Bank (NTB) Borrowers shall be considered on the merit of their application.

No; preferably existing facilities must be fully paid off before additional requests would be considered. Exceptions may be considered based on the performance on the existing facility.

No; the P2P loan cannot be used to pay off loans negotiated at commercial rates

No; all facilities will be disbursed in Ghana cedi currency. Foreign denominated quotations will be disbursed in their Ghana cedi equivalent.

Maximum of twenty one (21) working days subject to fulfilment of all conditions precedent from receipt date of application.


  1. Applications that falls within 10% of total asset shall not require any collateral.

  2. Application exceeding 10% of total asset will require collateral requested by the Bank.

The Bank shall require an appropriate collateral irrespective of the loan amount requested.

P2P loan facility shall not exceed 24 months duration.

In line with anticipated frequency of cash inflows and not exceeding the duration of the loan facility. MFIs shall be required to repay in fixed quarterly instalments.

(a) Legally registered business owners engaged trading activities with a decent store value and personal net worth.

(b) Individuals who are gainfully employed in private or government related Institutions.

Interested applicant should contact all Fidelity Bank Branches across the country.

This is a transfer option via Instant Pay platform that customers can use to make payment to Other Bank Accounts by transferring to the recipients’ mobile phone number (instead of bank account number).

Although the payment is made using the mobile phone number, the bank account of the beneficiary is credited instantly.

This feature works like the existing Instant Pay (GIP) only that all you need is the beneficiary’s registered mobile phone number.

NB: In order to transfer successfully, the beneficiary must have registered their mobile number for this service with their Bank.

Follow these simple steps to make payment to Other Bank Accounts using Transfer to Proxy:

  • Log into your Fidelity Mobile App
  • Tap on Transfers and locate ‘Transfer To Proxy’ and tap on it
  • Select Source Account to be debited for the transfer
  • Enter or select from your Contacts the Beneficiary Proxy ID (i.e. Mobile Phone Number)
  • Enter Amount to be transferred
  • Enter the Narration/Reference (optional)
  • Confirm the details of the Transfer i.e. the Amount, Name of the Recipient/Beneficiary and the Fees
  • Tap Next and authorize with your Mobile App PIN

NB: You don’t need to be registered on Proxy Pay before you can make payments using this service

The fees of the Instant Pay (GIP) are same for Transfer to Proxy: 1% of transfer amount but capped at Ghs 5.00

The transfer limits are the same as the current Instant Pay (GIP): Maximum of Ghs 30,000.00 per day

You can do these under ‘Manage Proxy Pay’ feature:

(Log into the Mobile App; Tap on Account Services and locate ‘Manage Proxy Pay’ and follow the prompts)

  1. Subscribe for Proxy Pay (This allows you to setup your own bank account and mobile number on Proxy Pay to enable you receive payments from Other Banks)
    • Go to Manage Proxy Pay
    • Select Subscribe
    • Select preferred Bank account to be linked to your mobile number for the service
    • Confirm the details and enter your Mobile App PIN to authorize the request
  1. Update your Proxy Pay details (This allows you to update your own bank account and mobile number on Proxy Pay to enable you receive payments from Other Banks)
    • Go to Manage Proxy Pay
    • Select Update
    • Select preferred Bank account to be linked to your mobile number for the service
    • Confirm the details and enter your Mobile App PIN to authorize the request
  2. Unsubscribe from Proxy Pay (This allows you to delete your own bank account and mobile number from Proxy Pay so that you don’t receive payments from Other Banks)
    • Go to Manage Proxy Pay
    • Select Unsubscribe
    • Select preferred Bank account to be linked to your mobile number for the service
    • Confirm the details and enter your Mobile App PIN to authorize the request

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