Fidelity Bank

A Tier 1 Bank

World-class financial institution that provides superior returns for all stakeholders

Fidelity Bank was issued with a universal banking license on June 28 2006, thus becoming, the 22nd bank to be licensed by the Bank of Ghana under the Banking Act, 2004 (Act 673) - Repealed and replaced by the Banks And Specialised Deposit-Taking Institutions Act 2016 (Act 930). The Bank is owned by Ghanaian individuals, other institutional investors and its senior executives.

The Bank was formerly Fidelity Discount House, the leading discount house in Ghana. After operating profitably for 8 years, the business environment in the country attracted investors to the idea of establishing a bank.

Fidelity Bank has a team of high caliber professionals with diverse skills and experience. The Bank has invested heavily in technology and continues to focus on staff training to ensure excellence in service delivery in consonance with international best practices. Fidelity Bank offers a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the banking and financial needs of existing and potential customers. The Bank continually reviews the demographics of our client and customer segments to ensure that our offerings meet the banking and financial needs of existing and potential customers.

Fidelity Bank’s vision is to become a world-class financial institution that provides superior returns for all stakeholders. With people who are professional and proactive, state of the art technology, exceptional corporate governance standards, good knowledge of the local market, financial capital and above all, a customer-centric culture, Fidelity Bank is contributing its quota to the development of the banking industry and by extension, the Ghanaian economy.

On October 1, 2014, the Bank acquired Pro-Credit Savings and Loans Company Limited (PCSL) from Pro-Credit Holding Germany (PCH) and the DOEN Foundation of the Netherlands. Pro-Credit Savings and Loans Limited (PCSL) was a Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI) that provided savings and lending services to its clients.

Fidelity Bank has two subsidiaries:

  • Fidelity Asia Bank Limited
  • Fidelity Securities Limited

Fidelity Asia Bank Limited (FABL) was established in July 2012 as a wholly owned Ghanaian institution operating as a subsidiary in Malaysia. FABL carries on the business of offshore banking.

Fidelity Securities Limited (FSL), formerly known as Fidelity Asset Management, FSL’s business involves providing advisory services, issuing of securities, raising of capital and undertaking portfolio investment management for clients. FSL operates mainly as the investment banking arm of the Bank.

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