Local Corporates

Our Local Corporates unit serves as the local partner for our entities registered and operating only in Ghana. The team has expertise and knowledge of the Ghanaian business landscape and has the capacity to execute all manner of mandates that provide value for our client's business.

The focus areas for our Local Corporates unit spans all the sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

In Fidelity, we believe in speed, customer service and competitiveness. As such we have deployed best in class platforms coupled with Corporate Transactional Banking solutions to deliver bespoke financial solutions which offer good value to our clients:

  • Distributorship Finance
  • Working Capital Solutions
  • Payroll Management
  • Invoice Discounting

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Aligned Client Needs

  • Well defined segmentation
  • Teams with strong local knowledge
  • Industry specialization and expertise

Superior Client Experience

  • Long- Term capital support
  • Speed to delivery
  • Simplicity

Differentiated Product Capabilities

  • Tailored by industry and sectors
  • Continuous innovation
  • Digitally enabled and integration solutions

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