Building a Better Ghana

What is the role of a bank in society? In essence, it is to serve as a custodian of savings, a bulwark of financial security, a facilitator of opportunity on the pathway to prosperity.

But a bank, too, must have a bolder mission, a broader vision of its place and its prospects. A bank must strive to build a better future.

At Fidelity Bank, we see this as more than a corporate responsibility, more than a social mandate. We see it as an opportunity to serve.

In our quest to make a meaningful difference and leave a lasting, positive impact on Ghanaian society, we are guided by a single, unifying theme: “Building Lives Through Finance”.

This we seek to achieve, as part of our CSR strategy, by addressing genuine societal needs in four key areas of endeavor.

Through rural finance and savings promotion, we aim to instill a culture of personal growth and economic betterment in the rural areas.

Through education and child development, we strive to help children learn and lead the way towards realizing their potential for greatness.

Through income generation and employment for youth, we hope to set young Ghanaians on the path to making their brightest dreams come true.

And through our initiatives in healthcare for women, we take an active and practical stand in the campaign to improve the quality of life of women across the spectrum of our nation.

Working together with our donor partners, and under the governance of a well-structured CSR committee, we devote resources, time, and energy to projects and initiatives that align with our unifying theme.

These range from a Malaria Prevention Fundraising program, to the launch of the  Korle-Bu Critical Care Fund, to the construction of a 12-Seater Biofil Toilet Facility at St. Maurice R/C JHS. We have also started financial literacy training for disabled persons, and a financial literacy programme with Junior Achievement Africa for JHS pupils.

But at Fidelity Bank, we don’t see Corporate Social Responsibility as the province of a division or a committee alone. We encourage all our workers to play a part in Building Lives Through Finance, by joining our Charity @ Work Program.

This allows our staff to work together on a cause, pooling their expertise and resources to serve their communities and the nation beyond.

In this way, we aspire to inspire all Ghanaians to play their part and make an impact in the quest to build a better tomorrow.

We invite you, too, to share in our quest. If you would like to partner with us, or if you have any sponsorship requests aligned to any of our four themes (Rural finance and savings promotion; Education and child development; Income generation and employment for youth; and Women and Health) please do not hesitate to email

Please note that we prefer sponsorship requests to be emailed to us, in the interests of safeguarding and sustaining our natural environment. Thank you!

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