Global & Regional Corporates

Global and Regional Corporates team has the experience and expertise to develop creative and tailor-made solutions that seek to connect our clients to opportunities within the Ghanaian economy

The division supports clients that are global and regional in nature/business or structure with an unparalleled local market understanding coupled with international best practices.

Our business model is designed in our seasoned Relationship Managers building a knowledge base for long-term client relationships, which enabled us to understand our clients and to serve them better.

Over the years, the team has developed and assisted clients to thrive in the following sectors;

Telecoms, Manufacturing Agro-processing and chemical, Cocoa business, FMCG & Construction  

GRC provides a comprehensive banking solution including; international trade and liquidity management solutions and asset financing

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Debt Syndication
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Financing

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Aligned Client Needs

  • Well defined segmentation
  • Teams with strong local knowledge
  • Industry specialization and expertise

Superior Client Experience

  • Long- Term capital support
  • Speed to delivery
  • Simplicity

Differentiated Product Capabilities

  • Tailored by industry and sectors
  • Continuous innovation
  • Digitally enabled and integration solutions

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