Fidelity Bank Educates On Forex Trading

Apr 30 2016
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Fidelity Bank, Ghana’s largest privately owned indigenous universal bank, in partnership with Europe’s award-winning Saxo Bank, has introduced a state-of-the-art financial platform, FAB Trader Go. Through this platform, Ghanaians can access a wealth of real time financial data, charts and exclusive tools to help keep up with investment opportunities on the global market.


The seminar, dubbed Invest In Yourself, is the first of many to be organized by Fidelity Bank to educate Ghanaians and expose them to the limitless global opportunities, through which they can make alternative income. This initiative by Fidelity Bank seeks to bridge the need gap between financial opportunities available in advanced economies and developing economies like that of Ghana’s.


In his opening address at the maiden event organized at Kempinski Hotel on 28th April, the Deputy Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Mr. Jim Baiden, said, “We live in an inter-connected world: A slowdown in China, turbulence in Europe, political chaos in the United States, falls in banking stocks in Canada… all affect our day-to-day business one way or the other. Fidelity Bank now offers a platform that will help Ghanaians to protect their wealth through the global market, right here in Ghana.”  Mr. Baiden revealed that Fidelity wants to champion the developmental agenda of this Country by creating the needed platforms to equip Ghanaians with such world-class opportunities.


In a comment, K Duker, a Non-Executive Director of Fidelity Bank, explained that Fidelity Bank has introduced this initiative as a means of offering more options to help Ghanaians reach their financial goals faster through technology. “It’s about time Ghanaians capitalize on the technology available to them to maximize opportunities for themselves to benefit from evolving market trends.” He added.


The Head of Wealth of Fidelity Asia Bank, Ms Mala Anand, also stated that the product would finally give Africans and Ghanaians a level playing field on the international financial markets.


She further explained that the platform would expose prospective investors to a world of trading opportunities of over 30,000 financial products. 
“There are many people in the country who do not even know such opportunities exist, What we are bringing on board with our free in depth training will help investors get direct access and knowledge to protect their investments and make their own money”.



Ms Anand also assured customers that the 24-hour platform would not have issues with time zones of major trading markets around the world.
“Fidelity Bank clients  are fortunate that they can now get the same real time insights into the financial markets as their business competitors in Europe and United States ”, she added.


How it works

Users are expected to sign on to the platform and they can take the decision to enroll and also have an initial capital to sign on and trade. The platform has been designed to be user friendly.

Investors in Ghana can now trade in FX, commodities, global equities, bonds and several other assets in real time. All the platforms are simple, reliable and customizable to deliver rich functionality. Whether you prefer to trade from a PC, tablet or Smartphone, with these platforms, you never need to miss another opportunity to trade.

In the next couple of weeks, a series of seminars, webinars and online training materials will be made available to Ghanaians who want to master the art of Forex Trading and determined to grow their wealth through such opportunities.


FAB investing

Fidelity Asia Bank is a fully owned subsidiary of Fidelity Bank Ghana. FAB investing is the brokerage arm of Fidelity Asia Bank (FAB), a leader in the investment industry, and with the help of their top tier liquidity providers and innovative technology partners, had come out with the world class investing platform.

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